Joe Dinnen Associate Producer
Joe Dinnen
Associate Producer

Joe received a Bachelor’s Degree in Film Studies from the University of Colorado with a minor in Political Science. During his time studying, he had the opportunity to travel around the world, visiting locations such as South Africa, India, Brazil and Japan – increasing his global perspective while studying at the same time. He also spent a summer in Spain studying the culture and language living with a local family there. Professionally, he has worked as a Contributing Editor to a weekly publication in Boulder that featured editorials from local perspectives called THE ODYSSEY. Furthermore, he worked alongside the team of Exposure Productions in Boulder, wrapping CHASING ICE, the Oscar-Nominated Documentary. Aiding with research and development, Joe gained a passion for film that not only entertains, but also offers viewers insight into pressing global issues. Combining his experience in film with his love for travel and background in political science, he hopes to continue engaging in film projects that push beyond the barriers of sole entertainment value.